Alex Trebek Has Told the World – Have You Told Your Family Your Final Wishes?

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Alex Trebek Has Told the World - Have You Told Your Family Your Final Wishes? | Mario Godoy | Lombard Estate Planning Lawyer

Alex Trebek MemoirThis week TV game show Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek turned 80, released his memoir and told the world that if treatment for his pancreatic cancer isn’t effective, he will stop all future treatment. This is a difficult conversation for a celebrity to have with the public – and a difficult conversation for any individual to have with their family and loved ones.

Have you told your family your final wishes? In a recent survey, nearly 50% of respondents said family conflict is the #1 threat to estate planning. And the #1 reason for conflict when a loved one dies is not knowing what decisions the deceased person wanted to take. 

How To Talk To Your Family About Your Final Wishes

Communicate the contents of your estate plan and final wishes to your family. When a loved one dies, family conflict and stress are too often a result, primarily because the deceased did not let their family know their wishes in advance.

1. Call A Family Meeting
Schedule a time to sit down with your spouse, adult children, parents and other key family members to review your estate plan.

2. Share Your Final Wishes
Tell your family members your end of life decisions, where your will or trust is located and who your estate planning attorney is.

3. Discuss Your Estate Plan
If you choose, you can share the contents of your estate plan with your family in detail or very generally. Each family interacts differently, and you likely know the best way to avoid future miscommunications, stress or family conflict when you die.

Unlike Alex Trebek, you probably don’t have a book and media interviews to explain your wishes to your loved ones. A trusted family attorney can be very useful in helping you explain your final wishes to your family and provide information about your estate plan.

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