Healthy Illinois For All: Illinois 1st State to Provide Affordable Senior Healthcare Regardless of Immigration Status

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Healthy Illinois

On July 1, the Healthy Illinois for All bill will become law, and Illinois will become the first state to provide quality, affordable healthcare for senior citizens, including undocumented individuals. Governor J.B. Pritzker has committed to approve next year’s budget that was passed by the Illinois General Assembly and included Medicaid services for qualified undocumented seniors that go into effect on July 1 when the 2021 budget year begins. The bill was organized by the Healthy Illinois Campaign, a coalition of over 70 organizations and covers all low-income Illinois residents aged 65 and older, with household incomes of up to 100% FPL ($12,760 for an individual) regardless of their immigration status.

The new bill provides critical health coverage to low-income uninsured seniors regardless of their income or immigration status. Key benefits of the new law are:

1. Contribute to better access to care, increased use of preventive services, better management of chronic illness and, eventually, longer and healthier lives.

2. Prevent major financial crisis for individuals and families. A national study found that 62% of all consumer bankruptcies in 2007 involved medical debt.

3. Reduce the number of uninsured patients seen in hospitals and other medical providers, and therefore reduce their uncompensated care costs.

4. Help fill the gap Illinois hospitals face by reductions in Medicare DSH payments over the next few years. Federal and state governments spend billions of dollars to offset the cost of uncompensated care in the form of DSH payments.

The goal of Healthy Illinois For All is:

“We can reduce the cost of late health interventions by increasing access to timely preventative services.“ 

As an intending immigrant, it’s important to know that USCIS does consider some Medicaid benefits (with some exceptions) as part of the public charge. If you are an immigrant and intending to take Medicaid please call an experienced immigration attorney for a consultation.

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