MediaWise For Seniors Targets Older Americans With Misinformation

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MediaWise For Seniors Targets Older Americans With Misinformation

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A new program is launching to equip people 50 and older with the skills to navigate misinformation about politics, health and other critical topics. Senior citizens are the group that’s most vulnerable fraudulent information including COVID-19 scams. The journalism nonprofit Poynter Institute has launched the infodemic campaign to help Americans decipher online”facts” and fact-check. MediaWise for Seniors is a nonpartisan program to help older Americans who did not grow up in the digital age navigate online information.

AARP is promoting the MediaWise for Seniors campaign to its nearly 37 million members, and Facebook is providing an undisclosed amount of funding to promote the MediaWise’s online training sessions. The infodemic campaign will teach senior to fact-check by asking 3 key questions:

1. Who’s behind the information?

2. What is the evidence?

3. What do other sources say?

“When people share misleading or inaccurate information, it can have real-world consequences – and I’m talking about life or death now,” said Katy Byron, editor and program manager of MediaWise. “That’s something we’ve talked about in the past, but coronavirus really crystallized what our project mission is all about.”

Trusted journalists who have signed on to promote MediaWise for Seniors include:

• Christiane Amanpour

• Joan Lunden

• Lester Holt

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