Actress Anne Heche Died Without a Will or Guardian for Her Minor Child – Are You Prepared?

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Actress Anne Heche died suddenly on August 12, 2022. She was in a car accident that led to her death and left behind her two sons, ages 20 and 13. Heche did not have a will for her estate, and she did not have a legal guardian named for her minor son.

Don’t let this happen to your and your loved ones. Don’t pass away without a will.

Now is the Time to Write Your Will

No one thinks we will actually die tomorrow in a car accident as Anne Heche did… but it happens more often than we know. We all know we need to have a will and guardians in mind if something should ever happen to us. But we always think we have time tomorrow to write the will – and tomorrow to legally name a guardian.

Not only did Heche’s children lose their mother, but now they are trying to work through her estate’s legal issues and set legal guardian ad litem for her minor son. They are still mourning while having to hire a forensic accountant to figure out her assets.

Estate planning is not only for the Hollywood elite – it’s for everyone. At a minimum, your estate plan should include:

  • A will or trust
  • A named legal guardian for your minor children
  • A power of attorney to handle your accounts
  • A healthcare directive to make medical decisions when you cannot

Talking with an Illinois estate planning attorney will also help you review your retirement accounts and life insurance. This will ensure everything works together.

When You Pass Away Without a Will

It’s called intestate if you pass away without a will. If you have a spouse, it’s normal for all assets to stay with your spouse. But if you are not married, the courts will decide the beneficiaries of your assets and who will raise your children; it may not be who you want.

The legal obstacle course will take a toll on your family when you pass away without a will. They not only will miss you terribly, but they must make decisions that they are not in the right emotional state to make.

Having a will or trust is one of the most unselfish things you can do for your loved ones.

When You Need to Talk to An Oak Brook Estate Planning Attorney

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