Coronavirus Estate Planning Emergency Checklist

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Coronavirus Estate Planning Emergency Checklist _ Attorney Mario Godoy _ Lombard Estate and Probate Legal Group

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the Estate and Probate Legal Group will remain open to help you protect your family. The core of an estate planning attorney’s business is to serve the elderly community – which is also the most at-risk during our current pandemic. However, recent data shows that in New York, 54% of those affected are between 18 and 49, and statistics indicate we may see that in Illinois. During this global pandemic and the volatile financial markets, many people are realizing they do not have their estate plan in order.

You want to make smart decisions to protect the health and safety of your family and loved ones. We want to help you protect your family during these uncertain times. Estate planning can be complex and stressful under the best of times.

Coronavirus Emergency Checklist

1. Review your estate planning to see if anything needs to be updated. Make sure that it is organized, digitized, and in a safe place.

2. Ensure that your advance directives (including a living will, healthcare surrogate form and power of attorney) are up to date and that you have copies at hand.

3. Create a “medical go-bag” which includes your legal documents, health insurance card, book, change of clothes, cell phone, charger, toiletries, and any other important items.

Under times of fear and uncertainty, its important to work with an experienced estate planning attorney so that nothing is overlooked. Our attorneys are working remotely and are available to advise you on creating, updating, or finalizing your estate plan by phone, email and video to make sure our clients have everything in place if the worse should happen.

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