Did You Create a Short-Term Guardianship During the Pandemic?

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The pandemic showed the importance of planning to care for your loved ones if something should happen to you. Many parents (especially 1st responders) created short-term guardianship for their children during this time. The parents appointed someone to care for their children in case they became ill or died.

If you were one of these people, it’s time to review and update the short-term guardianship. You can look at who you appointed and determine if you still want that person to be named a guardian and now is the time to check the dates of the temporary custody.

What is Short-Term Guardianship?

Short-term guardianship is when an individual is appointed to be a guardian of a child (or an adult with limited capacity) for a limited time. The custody is only given for 1 year or less. Only 1 person can be named a guardian at a time, but there is not a limit on the number of times that person can be reappointed.

The guardian is someone who will care for the child and provide them shelter, education and medical care. Some reasons for a person to give short-term guardianship are:

  • Illness
  • Military leave
  • Extended time away
  • Incarcerated
  • Step-parent wants to adopt

Whatever your reason for short-term guardianship, you need an experienced attorney to help you through this legal process.

Establishing Guardianship

If you need to name a temporary guardian in case something happens to you, this video will help protect your loved ones. It walks you through how to fill out the form correctly. But before you begin, make sure you understand the responsibilities of the guardian and what they can and cannot do to provide for your child. For example, a guardian can represent your child in a legal situation, but they do not have access to any assets such as property or money.

Don’t forget… if you have several children, you must assign a guardian to each individual. You cannot fill out one form and name a guardian for all children.

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