FAQ: Do I Need a Funeral Planning Declaration?

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It may be hard to think of our mortality. But reviewing your estate plan and deciding upon your funeral will help take that burden off your loved ones. Emotions are on edge after you pass away, and planning a funeral will be hard on your family and friends. Having a funeral planning declaration will let those you left behind know your wishes concerning your funeral.

What Is A Funeral Planning Declaration?

An estate plan includes documents addressing your care while alive (Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive) and what happens to your property after you’re gone (Will or Trust). While not an essential part of your estate plan, a funeral planning declaration is a document that tells your wishes about your funeral instructions.

Your funeral planning declaration may include the following:

  • being buried or cremated
  • donate your body to science
  • if you own a cemetery plot
  • if you want an eco-friendly or green burial
  • where do you want your funeral services
  • what type of headstone do you prefer (flat or upright)

These are all questions you can take care of now rather than leave your grieving loved ones to handle after you have passed away.

Where To Keep Your Funeral Documents

Your will cannot go through probate court immediately, and your funeral will happen much sooner.

This is why it’s important NOT to include your funeral planning declaration in your will. 

Once your estate planning attorney has reviewed your funeral wishes and removed any discrepancies, you will need to find a place to safe-keep this document. It is important for at least one person to know about this paperwork and its location. Perhaps you have a safe in your office or a file cabinet where you store important papers. Wherever you choose, it must be easily obtainable. Decisions regarding funerals often happen quickly, and you want to make this time a little easier for those left behind.

Oak Brook Estate Planning Attorney

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