FAQs: What Does Simplified Probate Mean?

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FAQs: What Does Simplified Probate Mean? | Mario Godoy | Lombard Estate Planning Lawyer

Probate – the settling of an estate after someone’s death – can be costly and time-consuming. On average, Illinois probate takes 12 months. Illinois has a simplified probate system for small estates. This process is officially called Summary Administration. If the value of the deceased’s real and personal assets in Illinois does not exceed $100,000 and there are no unpaid debt or taxes are owed, the simplified small estate probate process (Summary Administration) can be used.

Summary Administration is a process to make the whole estate administration process as fast as possible. In Illinois, claims holders have six months to wait during the claims period. The goal in most estates is to close the estate and distribute all financial assets as fast as possible after that six months have passed.

Steps For Illinois Simplified Probate (Summary Administration)

To use Illinois simplified probate,

• The estate executor files a written request with the local probate court asking to use the simplified procedure.

• All heirs and beneficiaries have consented in writing to the simplified process.

• A death notice must be published in the newspaper for any claimants.

• The notice must be published weekly for at least 3 weeks, starting no sooner than 30 days before the simplified probate hearing date.

Simplified probate can make the distribution of assets much less strenuous for beneficiaries and everyone involved.

DuPage County Simplified Probate Attorney

If you are thinking about simplifying the probate process for your estate, hiring a probate attorney is a good choice so nothing is missed or overlooked. Simplified probate could make the division of assets much less strenuous for beneficiaries and all parties involved. Contact the experienced probate attorneys at Estate and Probate Legal Group in Lombard today.