FAQs: What Is Virtual Estate Planning?

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FAQs: Are Virtual Wills and Healthcare Directives Legal? | Attorney Mario Godoy | Lombard Estate and Probate Legal Group

Here are some questions about virtual estate planning, also called electronic or remote estate planning:

1. What Is Virtual Estate Planning?

Traditional estate planning requires an individual and their attorney to meet face-to-face, in-person, privately and confidentially to discuss and execute wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives and other legal documents.

At the Estate and Probate Legal Group, our virtual estate planning services are identical to our traditional services – EXCEPT we use technology to meet face-to-face, privately and confidentially. Technology allows our clients to meet with us from the safety and convenience of their home, rather than coming to our offices.

2. Why Would I Choose Virtual Estate Planning?

The recent pandemic has made it nearly impossible to meet in-person with our clients. At the same time, the pandemic motivated many people to want to update and execute estate planning and healthcare planning documents. In April, Illinois simplified virtual estate planning by making it legal to use technology to fill the Illinois probate legal requirements for witnessing and signing documents.

Virtual estate planning is also ideal for:

• someone who is ill or has difficulty leaving their home

• anyone who has a hectic schedule and finds it inconvenient to travel to their attorney’s office

3. I’m Not Very Good at Technology – Can I Still Have Virtual Estate Planning?

2-way audio-visual technology ensures face-to-face, private and confidential meetings with your estate planning attorney. Many of these video tools are free – such as Zoom, the tool our office most frequently uses. Zoom is accessible from your computer or smartphone, and we can send you a link to our virtual meeting and walk you through the process to get online with Zoom.

4. How Can I Review and Sign Virtual Estate Planning Documents?

Technology allows you to review and sign your documents online. Many people prefer to review and sign a paper copy of their estate planning documents. If you have a printer at home you can print them out to review them, or we can have them delivered to you.

5. How Do I Begin A Virtual Estate Plan?

Contact our legal team to answer your questions about virtual estate planning and schedule an appointment.

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Estate planning is preparing for the future. During the COVID pandemic and as Illinois reopens, the Estate and Probate Legal Group will remain open and offer virtual estate planning services to help you protect your family.  Contacting Estate & Probate Legal Group in Lombard Illinois today at 1-630-800-0112