Guardianship and Caring for Disabled Family Members in Illinois

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Guardianship and Caring for Disabled Family Members in Illinois | Mario Godoy | Chicago Estate & Probate Lawyer

Elderly and disabled family members in Illinois can be protected under a guardianship, which is the legal right to take care of and make decisions for another person. In Illinois, there are two basic categories of guardianship: 

  • Person Guardianship:
    A guardian of the person makes decisions about personal matters such as health care and housing for the incapacitated person, who is often referred to as the ward. 
  • Estate Guardianship:
    An estate guardian cares for the incapacitated person’s property and financial affairs and is responsible for paying bills and managing property and finances. 

Depending on the circumstances, a ward may need a guardian of his or her person, property, or both. If the person needs both his person and property protected, the same guardian can serve in both roles. 

The Illinois Family Caregiver Support Program

What Is A Caregiver? 

When an elderly or disabled person requires an in-home professional caregiver or the person needs to move to a facility to receive appropriate care, they may not understand or want guardianship protection – but they may need it. A guardianship lawyer can help protect your loved one and your rights, and petition the courts to appoint you as the guardian. 

A caregiver is someone who takes care of the elder or disabled person. Their legal representative is the guardian, but a guardian may assign day-to-day caregiver responsibilities to a family member or to a paid professional. 

The Illinois Family Caregiver Support Program

A guardianship attorney can help you to legally become a guardian and as a caregiver to protect your right to care for and make decisions on behalf of an elderly or disabled person. Illinois offers other services for caregivers through the Illinois Department of Aging’s Illinois Family Caregiver Support Program

The goal of the program is to find resources and help for caregivers. In Illinois, 25% of families care for an elderly family member. Support for caregivers includes: 

  • Web resources for people who are caring for older relatives 
  • Services provided by the Illinois Area Agencies on Aging 
  • Information on National Caregiver Organizations 
  • Links to other online resources that support the elderly  

Let The Godoy Law Firm Help

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