Guidance. Protection. Peace of Mind.

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Guidance. Protection. Peace of Mind. | Mario Godoy | Chicago & Lombard Estate & Probate Lawyer

Protecting and guiding your family is the greatest endeavor that you can undertake.

Meet Steven M. Novak, Lombard Estate & Planning Attorney:

Guidance. Protection. Peace of Mind.

This protection and guidance may be in the form of a probate proceeding to ensure that your loved one’s last wishes are carried out; it may be a guardianship proceeding where you step in to protect your loved one’s well-being and allow him or her to age and live with dignity. It can be estate planning where you plan for a future where you are not here.

Whatever your goal is, you came to the right place. A loved one’s end-of-life and disability are riddled with questions and potential landmines, and we see time and time again that families that fail to plan or prepare and adequately can suffer harsh consequences such as family rifts poverty and injustice.

At the estate and probate legal group we save families from worrying about these issues. Your first step towards certainty and peace of mind starts with our initial consultation.

Guidance. Protection. Peace of Mind. Please call or email our estate planning attorneys at Estate and Planning Legal Group in Lombard Illinois so we can schedule your initial consultation, 630.800.0122.



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