Have You Named A Legal Guardian For Your Children?

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Have You Named A Legal Guardian For Your Children? | Mario Godoy | Lombard Estate Planning Lawyer

If you become ill and are unable to care for your children, who will take care of them?

An Illinois Short Term Guardianship can help your family if you are temporarily unable to care for your child. A short term guardianship allows parents to legally name someone to temporarily care for their minor children without going to court. A short term guardianship for minor children can last for less than one year and must be made in writing. An experienced estate planning attorney can explain the best way for you to name a legal guardian for your children if you become temporarily ill and are unable to care for them.

3 Tips For Naming a Legal Guardian For Your Kids

1. Do It Now
Failing to name a legal guarding to care for your child if you become ill means that the courts will do it – and they do not know your wishes or have the information you have about who is best qualified to temporarily care for your children.

2. Choose Carefully
Hopefully, your children’s designated legal guardian will never need to care for them. Make sure the guardian you choose

• meets Illinois qualifications to be a guardian

• at least 18 years old

• of sound mind

• a criminal record free of felony convictions

• legal resident of the United States (courts may award guardianship to undocumented immigrants in extreme cases)

• physically capable of caring for a child

• capable of financially providing for the child

• knows you have chosen them and is willing to act as guardian

• has the physical and mental abilities to care for children your children’s age

3. Document It
Telling someone you want them to care for your children if you become ill and having them agree is not sufficient. You need to legally document your choice of guardianship so that it is recognized by Illinois courts.

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