FAQs: I think the executor is mismanaging my mother’s estate. How do I hire an estate litigation attorney?

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How do I hire an estate litigation attorney?

My mother died a few years ago and left a substantial inheritance for us. I see the estate dwindling down rapidly – and I’m very concerned that the executor is mismanaging my mother’s money, but won’t let me see the books. I want to hire a lawyer to protect our rights – how do I hire an estate litigation attorney? 

I’m very sorry for the loss of your mother, and the added stress you are going through with the uncertainty about whether her estate is being properly managed. You are right to be concerned about how to hire an estate litigation attorney – it is a very specialized legal practice.

First of all, an estate litigation attorney has trial experience – a litigation attorney is trained and experienced in appearing in court and arguing a case in a civil lawsuit. As an experienced estate planning attorney and trial attorney, an estate litigation attorney has unique knowledge and expertise in both estate planning and representing clients in the courtroom.

Second, if you suspect any kind of mismanagement or wrongdoing – either intentional or unintentional – on the part of the executor of your mother’s estate, it’s vital that you act quickly before your mother’s funds are depleted, and the beneficiaries suffer.

Third, estate issues can be very complex and stressful. Hiring an estate litigation lawyer you trust is critical. In the best of circumstances, your attorney can investigate the situation and negotiate a mutually satisfactory agreement. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, and going to trial happens when the sides cannot reach an agreement.

Estate litigation is expensive, time-consuming and stressful. It’s important to hire an estate litigation attorney who can protect your rights and help you resolve the situation in the best possible way. An estate litigation attorney can investigate, help bring the truth to light and provide proof if there is any wrongdoing to enable the judicial process to right any wrongs of the case.

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