How to Avoid a Legal Challenge to Your Will or Trust: The Lisa Marie Presley Case

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Lisa Marie Presley has only been gone for a short time, and her mother, Priscilla Presley, is challenging the terms and validity of her trust. While surprising, the challenge of a will is not uncommon. What can you do to avoid a legal challenge to your will or trust and ensure they are valid?

How to Avoid a Legal Challenge to Your Will or Trust

While you can’t prevent someone from hiring a lawyer and challenging your will or trust, you can take steps to ensure they are valid. Working with an experienced estate planning attorney can take the necessary steps to make it harder for someone to contest your will or trust.

Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of the late singer Elvis Presley, died on January 12, 2022. She had a living trust that was amended in 2016 that is being used in place of a will. Her mother, Priscilla Presley, was initially named the trustee, is contesting the amendment of the living will on several facts:

  • Changed trustee from Priscilla and a manager to Lisa Marie’s two children, Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough, who died in 2020
  • Priscilla was never formally notified of the change
  • The amendment misspelled Priscilla’s name
  • Lisa Marie’s signature on the amendment is inconsistent with previous versions of the trust
  • The amendment lacks witness or notarization

Working with an experienced estate planning attorney could have helped avoid these issues. You should always consult a lawyer when building or changing your estate plan. Having a DIY will or trust leaves you open to someone contesting your will after you have passed away.

What to Include in Your Estate Plan

An estate plan consists of documents that allow you to address your care while you are alive, and advise what should happen to your property and assets after you’re gone. Your estate plan can include:

It also includes your life insurance policy and retirement plans, and can also have a letter of intent, a funeral planning declaration and other various documents.

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