I Just Moved to Illinois. Is My Will Still Valid?

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I Just Moved to Illinois. Is My Will Still Valid? | Mario Godoy | Lombard Estate Planning Lawyer

If you just moved to Illinois from another state, your legally executed will from that state is still valid. However, it’s a smart idea to have an experienced Illinois will and estate planning attorney review your will and make sure you and your loved ones are protected. Your personal circumstances may have changed and laws in your new state may offer you and your loved ones more or fewer protections. A local attorney who is knowledgeable about local laws and estate planning strategies can review your current provisions and advise you on the best way to ensure the decisions you have made are correctly documented.

3 Reasons to Review Your Will After You Move to Illinois

1. Change In Your Circumstances
Have you married or divorced since your will was originally executed? Has one of your beneficiaries died – or has a new child or grandchild been born? Updating your beneficiaries in your will is simple and inexpensive to execute, but goes a long way to protect your family and loved ones.

2. New Laws
Illinois probate and estate tax laws may be very different from the state where your will was executed. Illinois is one of six states that levy taxes after death often called a death tax.

3. How Long Has It Been Since You Wrote Your Will?
If you prepared your will some time ago 5, 10, 15 or even more years – it is advisable to review the provisions with a lawyer who is up-to-date on the most recent interpretations of estate law. It might be necessary to revise aspects so that wishes may be legally fulfilled. In addition, earlier decisions may have changed regarding funeral arrangements, asset distribution, and other factors that should also be kept up to date.

DuPage County Wills Attorneys

There is a lot to do when you move to a new state and it’s easy for things to get forgotten or overlooked. If you have recently moved to Illinois you should review your will and other estate planning documents with an experienced wills and estate planning attorney to make sure they meet the legal requirements of Illinois. The experienced estate planning attorneys at Estate and Probate Legal Group serve clients in Cook, Dupage, Kane, Lake, and Will counties in Illinois can advise you on the best options to protect your assets and loved ones. To talk to an estate planning attorney contact the Estate & Probate Legal Group at 630-864-5835.