June is National Safety Awareness Month

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June is a time to celebrate summer, BBQs and safety. It may sound odd, but having June as National Safety Awareness month will remind you to look around your home or business for safety issues. Look at your surroundings and see if there are ways to avoid injury.

Here are 3 tips for avoiding slips and falls:

  1. Remove or tack down any loose rugs.
  2. Add better lighting so you can see where you are going.
  3. Remove clutter from the walkways.

Are you prepared if the inevitable happens and you’re injured in an accident?

Why National Safety Awareness Month = Advanced Healthcare Directives

An advanced health care directive can tell your loved ones your medical preferences when you cannot. Having this legal document informs your family and doctors how you want your medical care handled. You can state the care desired if you are injured and temporarily incapacitated – all the way to your end-of-life care.

The directive can dictate the level of measures used to keep you alive. An advanced health care directive can include:

  • A Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
  • Having CPR done
  • Receiving IV fluids
  • Comfort care

You may also want a medical power of attorney. This document names someone to handle your medical decisions when you cannot. It gives the person the authority to work with the doctors and hospitals to ensure your medical wishes are followed.

Why You Need an Advanced Health Care Directive

Since June is National Safety Awareness Month, now is the time to prepare for any accidents that may happen. If you slip and fall or are injured in any way, an advanced health care directive will take the worry and burden off your family.

Because you decided your wishes ahead of time, your loved ones will not have to try to decide your medical care wishes, and you will have it written out for them. This legal document tells the medical team the level of care you wish to have.

There will be no need for your family to argue and worry about if they are doing what is right for you. Your advanced health care directive will have already decided this.

Having an advanced health care directive is a way to give your family comfort and peace of mind.

So, how do you prepare a directive? An experienced estate planning attorney can help you draft your living will, power of attorney and an advanced health care directive.

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