The practice of commercial law in Lombard encompasses a great deal of planning and preparation to help businesses run with efficiency. Consequently, when something goes wrong, and conflict develops, businesses may need to call on a legal practice with a different set of skills.

You may have too much of your time, energy, and resources invested in your business to take chances when it comes to legal battles. An experienced Lombard commercial litigation lawyer could work to resolve conflict while protecting your interests. Whether your case involves business succession, contract disputes, franchise issues, insurance coverage, probate issues affecting business, or any other commercial matters, a skilled litigation attorney could represent your interests with professionalism and help you work toward a positive outcome.

Business Transitions

One common area of conflict in business arises in connection with business transitions, particularly changes in ownership or dissolution of a company. Even in situations where a business owner created a clear plan for succession, disputes may arise concerning the interpretation or the legal validity of an arrangement. As an example, parties may refuse to honor a buy-sell agreement or disagree over terms of the agreement.

When a business changes hands or undergoes other transitions without sufficient planning, the potential for conflict is even more significant. Contention may arise over:

  • Gaining controlling interests
  • Loans made to family members or employees
  • Decisions made without the knowledge of interested parties
  • Allegations of incapacity or undue influence
  • Agreements not properly formalized
  • Allocation of debts and assets

A Lombard attorney with experience handling commercial litigation could fight to protect both personal and financial interests while working to resolve conflicts with efficiency.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In an effort to cut costs, courts often encourage parties to take steps to resolve conflicts through alternative means before a full trial is scheduled. The skills of a seasoned Lombard commercial litigation attorney could be of significant assistance in alternative dispute settings.

In mediation and arbitration, just as in a courtroom, lawyers use their advocacy skills to explain why a person is entitled to a particular outcome. If a conflict can be satisfactorily resolved through alternative dispute resolution, the individual will save time and money. If not, the preparation undertaken for the alternative dispute resolution can still lay the groundwork for litigation to follow.

Case Management

One advantage of working with a commercial litigation lawyer in Lombard becomes apparent when it comes to managing the case. Some commercial litigation involves review and management of large amounts of electronically stored documents, so help from an experienced attorney who understands how to manage discovery efficiently could be critical.

In other situations, requests for production of documents, interrogatories, and extensive depositions may prove unnecessary and may add unneeded cost and complexity to a case. A litigation attorney could assess the needs of a case to determine what actions are recommended. Also, knowledgeable legal counsel could also establish procedures for organizing and accessing information so that it could be effectively used as evidence.

Consult a Lombard Commercial Litigation Attorney Today

The best way to find out how a Lombard commercial litigation lawyer could meet your needs is to talk to one. During an initial consultation, a litigation attorney could explain the steps involved, discuss preparation, and review the advantages offered and potential outcomes available.

When you turn your case over to an accomplished lawyer, you could turn your attention back to running your business while your legal representative fights to protect your interests. To get started on your case, call now.