If you find yourself involved in settling the affairs of a deceased loved one, chances are you may need help with your role and any fiduciary duties you may be assuming. For anyone engaged in executing the terms of a will, administering an estate without a will, or administering a trust, seeking legal assistance from a Lombard trust administration lawyer could be a wise move. A knowledgeable trusts attorney could help you avoid hazards, delays, and unintended consequences as you go through a process that is likely new to you.

Trust Administration in Lombard

A trust is a means of transferring assets without going through probate. Through a trust, beneficiaries receive assets according to the specific provisions of the trust document. The person charged with administering the trust is called the trustee, and his or her duties involve protecting and managing the property covered by the trust and following the terms of the trust document.

Trustees have a legal duty to ensure that the property of the trust is kept safe and is distributed according to the trust’s instructions. While a trust is not subject to court oversight, trust beneficiaries can take action in court against the trustee when a trustee fails in fulfilling his or her duties.

Trustees and beneficiaries in Lombard may benefit from consulting with a trust administration attorney for help with understanding his or her rights and responsibilities in this process. Legal guidance could help beneficiaries ensure that their inheritance is preserved, and that trustees understand their role in administering a trust.

Ways an Attorney Could Help

Lomabard trust administration lawyers handle trusts and estates of all sizes. No matter the assets at issue, every case and every person deserves diligent and thorough attention.

Based on the specific provisions and requirements of the trust, a lawyer could help develop efficient and effective approaches to trust administration for the trustee. Additional ways that a trust administration attorney regularly assists individuals include:

  • Estate and tax planning
  • Supervision of trust receipts and distributions
  • Helping with the sale of assets, payment of fees, expenses, and debts associated with the administration of a trust or estate
  • Tax planning and preparation following a death
  • Representation of the beneficiaries of trusts and estates

For people who need and desire continuous involvement of a legal professional, a trust administration lawyer in Lombard could serve directly as the trustee for more complex or sizeable trusts.

Get in Touch with a Lombard Trust Administration Attorney Today

If you have concerns about an estate or trust, you could benefit from personal legal advice. A Lombard trust administration lawyer could assist trustees, executors, and administrators regarding all manner of issues that arise with the passing of wealth through trusts and estates.

While being able to understand these technical legal matters is important, a capable attorney could also be sensitive to the emotional family dynamics that can be a factor in estate and trust cases. For personal attention and more information about getting legal help from regarding trust administration, call today.