Planning for the future allows you to retain some measure of control over the uncertainty that typically comes with it. For people who expect a degree of incapacitation, advance directives could be of exceptional help.

For citizens in Lombard, advance directives offer a way for people to maintain control over their lives in the event of incapacitation. While no one wishes to think of such stressful thoughts, it may be necessary to plan if you expect at some point to be unable to make necessary decisions on your own. Reach out to an attorney today to learn more about how a legal document could retain your wishes for the future.

Advance Directives Explained

A Lombard advanced directive is a legal document that informs how an individual wants their end-of-life care to be handled, assuming that they are unable to participate in their own decision-making. A healthcare power of attorney, a living will, or a similar document that instructs surrogate decision-makers as to how the individual wants their end-of-life or healthcare decisions to be made on their behalf could qualify as an advanced directive.

What Makes Up a Living Will

A living will, as defined by Lombard law, is a document that contains certain language and fulfills the necessary requirements to be classified as a declaration of living will under the Illinois Living Will Act.

The Purpose of Advance Directives

The purpose of offering people the chance to prepare an advanced directive is that in the event that they cannot participate in their treatment or medical decisions because of a coma or a similar state, or they lack the capacity to make certain medical decisions, the advanced directive allows them to express their opinions, thoughts, and desires regarding their own care, should they become unable to relay that information.

When someone is of rational and in their normal state, they could take certain steps to express their wishes in a way that will be respected by the law. If they cannot make certain decisions in the future, there is a legal document that doctors or family members could refer to in order to best care for that individual.

When Does a Living Will Become Active?

A living will becomes active when the individual’s physician has determined that they are unable to make their own medical decisions regarding their care. When an individual is of sound mind and is able to make their own treatment decisions, healthcare powers of attorney or living wills will not come into play. Advance directives in Lombard only become viable in the event that a physician makes the determination that the individual cannot make those decisions for themselves.

Speak to an Attorney in Lombard about Advance Directives Today

If you are concerned about the future of your well-being and estate, then an advance directive for Lombard citizens like yourself could be a useful tool. These documents could ensure that your wishes are adhered to even if you later become incapacitated or incapable of making decisions on you own. To learn more, reach out to an attorney who could help you.