Naomi Judd Left Her Daughters Out of Her Will: Is This Normal?

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The tabloid papers have a headline of Naomi Judd leaving her two daughters, Ashley and Wynonna, out of the will. While technically, it’s true that they are not listed as direct beneficiaries, there is more to the story than many people understand. So, is it normal to leave children out of your will?

Naming an Executor and Beneficiaries in Your Will

Naomi Judd prepared her will in 2017 and named her husband of 33 years the executor of her will. Some headlines say daughters Wynonna and Ashley Judd were left out of their mother’s will. Is this normal?

Yes, this is common. Naming her husband the executor does not indicate that her daughters were left out of the will.

You must assign someone to carry out your wishes after you’re gone, and it’s perfectly normal to be the deceased’s spouse. You can have your will state that the executor has “full authority and discretion” over any property that is an asset in your estate “without the approval of any court” or beneficiary of the state.

Naming an Executor of Your Will

An executor of your will does more than simply disperse your assets as you have declared. They can also decide how to divide your assets. This is especially common when minor children are involved. But the executor of your will must also take the responsibility to close all your credit card, bank, loan, utilities, and other accounts. The executor wraps up everything that was left in your life.

There is more to a will than simply naming beneficiaries. Sometimes, like Naomi Judd, you don’t have to name every person as a beneficiary. An estate planning attorney will help you with every step, from naming an executor to understanding the best way to leave assets to your heirs.

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