Sometimes older residents might need a legal advocate to inform them of their rights under current Naperville law. Your life may have changed dramatically during the past few decades, and as a result, you may have new legal needs.

If you or a loved one need help understanding your legal needs, it might be wise to contact an experienced Naperville elder law attorney. Local counsel may be a helpful source of information about estate planning, guardianship, and long-term care.

Living Wills in Naperville

Naperville residents who have reached an advanced age might want to make peremptory decisions with regard to their healthcare. An adept elder law attorney in Naperville may recommend a living will to those who wish to predesignate their own care before emergencies render them unable to themselves.

Living wills in Naperville are governed by the Illinois Living Will Act, which has been memorialized at 755 ILCS 5/35-10. The Act allows individuals to publish a document that states the circumstances under which they should be taken off life support. Such advance directives might also include other instructions for allowable methods for prolonging someone’s life, if they are unable to express these wishes on their own.

Guardianship and Durable Power of Attorney in Naperville

As medical advances allow people to live longer, other new legal issues arise with regard to the elderly. Some older people could be taken advantage of during periods of diminished capacity if they do not implement preemptive measures now.

Two methods for proactively assigning responsibility to trusted people in the event of mental deterioration or physical disability are “durable power of attorneys” and “guardianship”. A seasoned elder law counselor in Naperville may discuss both options with interested clients during a consultation.

Durable Power of Attorney

As people grow older they may become worried about who would manage their assets or ensure their care should they begin to suffer from dementia or become severely disabled. In Naperville, the Durable Power of Attorney Law, which has been codified by 755 ILCS 5/2-2, might be a viable choice because it may be constructed to allow a trusted agent to act on someone’s behalf during periods of incapacity.

Guardianship of the Person or Their Estate

Similarly, a resident of Naperville may lawfully appoint a potential guardian for themselves or their assets. If they are placed in a residency home because they have become disabled or incapacitated, the guardian may look after their rights to adequate care. This appointed party may also protect the vulnerable person’s property and supervise necessary payments.

Estate Planning in Naperville

An elder law counselor in Naperville may be a beneficial guide throughout the estate planning process, as well. It might not ever be too early to write a will or form a trust.

By creating a testamentary instrument, an aging individual may bequeath their assets and belongings directly, rather than allowing the Naperville court to distribute them via intestate succession. As local laws continue to change, it may be prudent for Naperville residents to consult an attorney for estate planning advice.

Speak with a Naperville Elder Law Legal Professional

If you are approaching your later years, or you have been noticing that your loved ones need help with estate planning, you might want to sit down with a lawyer. There may be sudden decisions that might have to be made without guidance if you or your elders do not plan ahead of time.

When engaging in estate planning or other proactive measures, a Naperville elder law attorney may be of tremendous help. Schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns for the future with local counsel.