Asked To Be An Executor of a Will and Feeling Overwhelmed? Here are Some Tips to Help

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It is an honor for someone to ask you to be an executor of their will, but it can also be scary. You may have just loved a friend or loved one, and now you’re responsible for closing their estate. Sometimes, just knowing where to start can help. If you’ve been asked to be an executor of a will and are feeling overwhelmed, we have some tips to help you.

Responsibilities of an Executor of a Will

Some responsibilities go along with being an executor of a will. You are legally responsible for sorting out the finances and final wishes of the deceased person. You are the person who will make sure to pay the debts and taxes and close all accounts. This includes social media, credit cards, banks, subscriptions and everything else. You will also represent the estate in probate court.

It’s an honor to be trusted with such an important job, but it is a large job.

How to Handle this Responsibility

While this job may feel overwhelming initially, we have some tips to help you get started.

  • Hire a Probate Attorney Immediately
    Closing an estate is a legal process, and you need someone to guide you through the entire process. An experienced probate attorney will help you avoid hazards you didn’t know existed. And don’t worry; the deceased’s estate will generally pay the attorney fees.
  • Get Organized
    Your next step after hiring a lawyer is establishing a file or binder specifically for the estate. This is where you will have the death certificates, bills, taxes, financial statements, insurance policies and more. You will need to keep track of everything. You will also want to keep your money separate from the estate’s money. Never blend the two.
  • Establish Lines of Communication
    You may want to set up a temporary email account for all correspondence. You will talk with bill collectors, the attorney, and the beneficiaries. Keep track of every conversation with each person. If you talk on the phone with someone, take notes and file them away.

Being an executor of a will is a huge responsibility, but being organized and seeking help from an experienced estate attorney will help you through this legal process.

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