What Happens If You Get Estate Planning Advice From An AI Bot?

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what happens if you get estate planning advice from an AI bot | estate and probate legal group

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots have made huge advances in the past years. But is technology ready to help you with emotional decisions such as writing your will? We don’t think so. The problem with getting advice from ChatGPT is pretty much the same as getting other DIY estate planning advice from the internet – it might be right, but it also might be wrong, especially when it comes to legal details specific to your state. You do not want to receive estate planning advice from an AI bot and risk the problems that may incur.

Taking Estate Planning Advice From An AI Bot

You have worked hard for your home, money and all the assets you acquired over your lifetime. The reason for a will or trust is to leave these assets to your family and loved ones. Do you really want to trust these emotional decisions to a computer programmed for basic information?

There are many reasons you do not want to trust a DIY service or chatbot to write your will. DIY wills do not address your specific needs and can often give you wrong information or advice regarding your will. AI and chatbots have the same limitations; they cannot make decisions that are flexible enough to suit everyone.

Each state has its own set of estate planning laws and regulations. What may work in California may not be legal in Illinois.

One example is that California is a community property state, meaning all assets and debts acquired by the couple after marriage are owned 50/50. But in Illinois, you may not be responsible for your spouse’s debt, even if they ran up the credit card while you were married.

Also, a chatbot may not give you the correct advice on the laws regarding owning property in another state – and how to leave that in your will or trust. You are not a cookie-cutter person. Therefore, you need an estate planning attorney who can consider all your assets, debts, insurance policies and wishes – and ensure everything is brought together in your estate plan.

In fact, your life insurance policies cannot be included in your will – many DIY services get this wrong. Imagine all the other ways a DIY service or chatbot may misguide you.

Oak Brook Estate Planning Attorney

Do not be fooled into thinking you can save a couple of bucks by getting estate planning advice from an AI bot. You need an experienced estate planning attorney who can sit down and discuss your unique situation.

Your family and loved ones deserve the best you can give them. Do not rely on DIY forms or Artificial Intelligence for your estate planning needs. Call the attorneys at Estate & Probate Legal Group in Illinois to help you correctly set up your estate plan. Contact us today at 630-864-5835.

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