What Is Remote Estate Planning? And Is It Legal?

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what is remote estate planning and is it legal | estate and probate legal group

So much has changed in the last several years that it has left some of our heads spinning. One change that has come about is remote access to work, talking with your physician and speaking with your attorney. But what exactly can you legally do remotely? You may wonder what is remote estate planning and is it legal?

An estate plan is not only for the very rich. Estate planning includes having a will or trust in place, a health care directive, and different types of Power of Attorneys. Traditionally, you have sat down in person with your estate planning attorney. But with technological and social changes (such as Covid-19), remote estate planning is now possible.

Remote Estate Planning

Remote estate planning is the process of remotely conducting legal business regarding your estate. This is done when you and your attorney use video conferencing, emails, phone calls and online platforms that allow you to ‘sign’ documents. It has become popular as more people become digital nomads living outside their hometowns and country. But is remote estate planning legal in Illinois?


In 2021, the Illinois governor authorized the Electronic Wills and Remote Witness act. This allows wills and other estate planning tools to be witnessed and confirmed remotely using appropriate video conferencing.

There are pros and cons to the use of remote estate planning:


  • It is convenient
  • It removes the restriction of location
  • It allows you to access quality legal service


  • Your family can more easily contest a remotely signed will
  • Some experts believe that it is to be used as a last resort

Probate courts can stall the process if you do not have an attorney who can legally draft your will (by using do-it-yourself software). Writing a poorly drafted will can cost time and money for your loved ones, and your assets may not be distributed how you want them to be. This is why working with an experienced estate planning attorney in the Chicago area is crucial.

Oak Brook Estate Planning Attorney

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