What’s the Difference Between Illinois Estate Taxes and Federal Estate Taxes?

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What's the Difference Between Illinois Estate Taxes and Federal Estate Taxes?

Many people are confused by state estate taxes versus federal estate taxes. In this video, Lombard estate planning attorney Mario Godoy explains the difference between Illinois estate taxes and federal estate taxes.

Watch: Estate Planning Attorney Mario Godoy Explains the difference between Illinois Estate Taxes and Federal Estate Taxes


In this video, we will answer the question “What’s the difference between the Ilinois Estate Tax and Federal Estate Tax?”
This is an area of confusion as there are different estate tax implications on both the Federal level and the State level.
An estate of less than $11.58 million is exempt from federal estate tax for the 2020 tax year. This exemption amount is indexed for inflation annually.
However, Illinois has an estate tax filing threshold rather than an exemption. In Illinois, if an estate is less than $4 million, no return is required to be filed and no tax is paid. If an estate is more than $4 million, Illinois applies its estate tax to the entire taxable estate.
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