Why Student Athletes Need An Estate Plan

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why student athletes need an estate plan | estate and probate legal group

As your child heads off to college, there are many things to do and a lot to think about. One important issue is to remember that once your child turns 18, they are legally an adult. This means you can no longer legally make decisions on their behalf. It’s essential to put the legal documents in place so that if your child is injured or becomes ill, you can represent their medical wishes and review their medical records. And if your child is a student-athlete, putting an estate plan in place should be a MUST DO, not a ‘to do.’

Unfortunately, the reality is that student-athletes are more likely to be injured when playing competitive sports. Student-athletes are at increased risk of serious injury. They need someone to make medical decisions on their behalf if they cannot speak for themselves.

Estate Plan Documents for Student Athletes

A living will is a legal document and part of an estate plan. It describes what your loved ones should do if you are left incapacitated in a terminal condition because of a disease, injury, or simply old age and can no longer communicate your healthcare wishes. Your living will document your healthcare wishes if you’re unable to express them yourself. If your child is a student-athlete at college, you should ensure they have created the following legal documents to protect them if they become seriously injured:

  1. They should establish a Durable Power of Attorney. This names someone, such as you, the parent, who can make medical and legal decisions if they become incapacitated.
  2. Establish HIPPA Authorization. This will allow you to review your child’s medical records.

Talk To An Oak Brook Living Will Lawyer

Living wills allow a person who is suffering from a terminal illness or injury to dictate the steps they want doctors to take. This may include denial of resuscitation or life-support care when a lack of care would lead to death. A living will attorney can help you understand the legal requirements and effects of an estate plan. Call Estate and Probate Legal Group in Oak Brook today at 630-864-5835 to schedule an initial consultation

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