Why You Need to Protect & Preserve Your Assets for Your Heirs

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why you need to protect and preserve your assets for your heirs | estate and probate legal group

You’ve worked hard for everything you’ve earned. Whether you’ve accumulated a lot of money or saved enough to live comfortably in your golden years, you need to protect and preserve your assets. An estate plan is the best way to make sure your wishes are followed at the end of your life and for your loved ones after you’re gone.

An estate plan includes a will and/or trust, several different types of power of attorneys and even a health care directive.

How an Estate Plan can Protect Your Assets

There are several ways to protect everything you have worked for during your life. You want to protect your assets from:

Your will can name who should inherit your assets. But a full estate plan ensures everything works together. You don’t want to forget to change your life insurance policy beneficiary when you divorce your ex.

  • Without a will, probate can become expensive and take a lot of time for the state to decide who gets your assets. If you don’t have a will, and you and your spouse both pass away – the state will determine who receives your assets. And everything may not go to who you choose.
  • An estate plan will protect your assets. It makes sure your home, car, and money go to who you want it to, not creditors.

How an Estate Plan Can Preserve Your Assets

A good estate plan can help preserve your wealth and make it last as long as possible after you have passed away. It may be beneficial for you to set up a trust. An irrevocable trust may allow you to minimize estate taxes – preserving your wealth.

A trust can also provide for beneficiaries who are minors or require assistance in managing money. This way, your assets are not quickly used or ‘thrown away’ after you are gone.

Working With An Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

You want to make sure you leave money and property only to who you decide. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you develop a solid estate plan to protect and preserve your assets. We work with you at Estate and Probate Legal Group to properly prepare your estate plan.

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