How to be a Good Executor of a Will

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If you have been asked to be an executor of a will, that means the person has put a lot of trust in you. When that person passes, their property and assets become a part of their estate. And you have been named the final administrator of the estate. You’ll want to learn all you can to be a good executor of a will.

What is an Executor of a Will?

As an executor of a will in Illinois, you are responsible for handling all things regarding closing the person’s estate. This is not an easy job, and the amount of paperwork can be overwhelming. Not to mention dealing with emotional family members.

Here are 5 steps will help you be a good executor of a will in Illinois:

1. Get Details
You want to perform your job very well. The first step is to get all the exact details. Understanding exactly what they want is the first step.

2. Secure Everything
As soon as the person passes away, secure everything. Secure the house, storage units, cars, everything. Take pictures of the inside of the home and storage units. Neighbors and family members may take what they believe is rightfully theirs. You want to make sure nothing goes missing.

3. Hire an Attorney
Even if you plan to do the bulk of the work, hiring an Illinois estate planning attorney is good. They will ensure you are following all legal steps and not forgetting anything.

4. Start the Paperwork Right Away
You will need to deal with a lot of paperwork. File the original (not a copy) will with the probate court and get a letter of testamentary. This recognizes you as the executor. Also, get 10-20 extra copies of the death certificate. You will need these to close their credit card accounts, bank accounts and anything else that needs to be done.

5. Get Organized
Keep precise records of everything that needs to be done and everything you have done. Starting out organized will help you keep track of all the tasks.

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