The elderly and their families often have specific and significant legal needs as they work to plan for the future, take care of medical needs, and preserve assets. If you have concerns about your own situation or that of a loved one, a Lombard elder law attorney may be a valuable resource.

Your attorney could take the time to learn more about you, your family, and your concerns, and then present options for reaching your objectives and help you make educated decisions based on this guidance. A caring elder law attorney understands the difficult family and emotional dynamics that may accompany legal issues, so let one help you navigate these complex legal issues with your concerns and interests in mind.

What is Elder Law?

Elder law refers to the broad range of legal issues that people are likely to encounter as they age. A skilled elder law attorney in Lombard draws on his or her experience in numerous areas of the law to help individuals plan for the future and address problems as they arise.

Some of the most common legal matters which elder law attorneys help with include:

  • Estate planning, which may entail drafting wills, establishing trusts, tax planning, and other techniques
  • Helping avoid the need for guardianship through the durable powers of attorney
  • Planning for future housing, medical, and other needs
  • Assisting with business and property succession plans
  • Advising about guardianship when someone becomes incapacitated
  • Pursuing personal injury or other claims against negligent nursing homes or others

The Importance of Estate Planning

One of the most important ways that a Lombard lawyer could help with matters related to elder law is with estate planning. People of any age may benefit from careful and attentive estate planning advice, especially those with valuable assets that need to be preserved and protected.

An elder law attorney who understands trusts and estates law might be able to help preserve and protect assets for future needs. He or she could also assist with ensuring an individual accurately conveys his or her interests to protect them in a legally binding manner.

Depending on the circumstances, estate planning can involve transferring property and assets, tax planning, trusts, powers of attorney, medical directives, and others. Transferring property and assets is commonly achieved through a will. Given that each case differs, a skilled attorney could take the time to take a person’s total circumstances into consideration when he or she proposes appropriate legal solutions for estate planning.

Without a thoughtful and comprehensive estate plan, someone could leave his or her loved ones unprepared and his or her property unprotected in the event of an unexpected illness or death. Crafting an estate plan with the assistance of a dedicated elder law attorney is one way to avoid future pitfalls.

Contact a Skilled Lawyer for Information about Elder Law in Lombard

A broad and deep understanding of the many legal matters that people may face as they advance in age can be crucial to effectively addressing those matters. When it comes time for advice about estate planning, guardianships, nursing home issues, or other legal concerns, a Lombard elder law attorney could help. To discuss your situation and learn more about getting help from a dedicated and caring lawyer, call today to set up an initial consultation.