Should I Put My House In A Trust?

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A vacation home is more than simply a place to visit each year. It is where celebrations occur, holidays happen and memories are made. Maybe it’s your family home on the coast or a cabin tucked in the woods. No matter where it is, a vacation home is an important part of your family’s assets. Many parents have worked hard to pay off their family or vacation home and want to leave the house to their children. As estate planning lawyers, we’re frequently asked if a family should put their house in a trust. 

What Is A Trust?

A trust can determine how the beneficiaries manage and distribute the person’s money while they are alive and after their death. Also, a trust does not go through probate court (as a will does), saving the beneficiaries time and money. And since the trust does not go through the courts, it is kept private.

There are many types of trusts, such as:

Putting your vacation home into a trust allows you to lay out your wishes for who gets the home and what they can do with it.

Should You Put Your House In a Trust?

Depending on your situation, establishing a trust may be best for you. A trust helps protect your beneficiaries from financial and tax burdens that the government can assess in a will – or if there is no will at all. It’s a way to ensure generational wealth – how to keep your finances safe for your children, grandchildren and further.

5 reasons to put your house in a trust

  1. The main benefit of putting your home into a trust is avoiding probate.
  2. Placing your home in a trust keeps the details of your estate private, and you can transfer ownership privately.
  3. Putting your house in a trust means choosing someone you know will care for your home.
  4. A Living Trust that you set up while you are alive is revocable and protects your best interests if you cannot speak for yourself. 
  5. Simplify the work and make things easier for the executor of your estate. 

As shown above, there are several reasons why you should put your home in a trust. Working with an experienced estate planning attorney will help you legally pass your primary or vacation home to your loved ones.

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