Becoming the guardian of an adult or minor is a major responsibility. If you elect to assume guardianship of another person, you become primarily responsible for making decisions, and in some cases, financially providing for them. However, there still remain many decisions you cannot make without the permission of a court.

Assuming guardianship of another person requires both a potential guardian and parent to take specific legal steps. If you are considering assuming the duties of a guardian in Lombard, it may help to consult a legal professional. With their help, all parties could ensure a guardianship is assumed smoothly.

Guardianship of a Person or Estate

A person may assume guardianship over a person and/or their estate. If a person assumes guardianship over a person, they become responsible for providing them with proper care, maintenance, support, and education. They have a financial obligation to provide their charge with adequate food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities as well. The duties of a guardian in Lombard may also include:

  • Ensuring a charge has access to proper education and training
  • Authorizing necessary medical, dental and psychiatric care and rehabilitation
  • Filing an Annual Report of the Guardian to keep courts up to date

It is important to note, however, that some medical treatments must be approved by the court. If a person wishes to end their guardianship, they may only do so if they are unable to provide, the parent agrees to resume their parental responsibilities, or another person is willing to assume guardianship.

Guardianship of an Estate

In some cases, a person may assume guardianship over the financial assets of a person if they are unable to make rational financial decisions on their own. When managing the estate of a person, guardians are required to:

  • Manage, preserve, and protect the estate in the best interest of the person and according to state and federal laws
  • Provide an Inventor of Assets within a set period of time
  • File an annual accounting form to show how the estate of the charge are utilized
  • Properly use the estate of a person for their proper care, education, support, and medical care for the protected person and any subsequent protected people

In many cases, a person is allowed to assume guardianship of both a person and their estate, but in others, they may not be allowed to use the personal assets of the protected person.

Choosing the Right Form of Guardianship

To name a plenary, or long-term guardian, a parent, as well as the person they wish to become the guardian of their child, must attend a legal hearing. If the person is an adult, the party responsible for their care and the original guardian party must attend a hearing as well.

If a person is named a short-term guardian, they become responsible for a person or their estate for less than a year. A court hearing is not necessary, but both parties must sign a written agreement.

Discuss the Duties of a Guardian in Lombard With an Attorney

Acting as a guardian could be difficult, but ensuring you complete the right legal processes could make the transition considerably easier. You should have a full understanding of your rights, as well as the person you are responsible for, prior to assuming guardianship.

Schedule a consultation with an attorney today to discuss the duties of a guardian in Lombard.