Simplifying probate in Lombard is a process taken to make the whole estate administration process as fast as possible. In Illinois, after an estate is open and one publishes for claims, claims holders have six months to wait during the claims period. The goal in most estates is to close the estate and distribute all financial assets as fast as possible after that six months have passed.

If you feel the need to simplify the probate process, an experienced attorney may be your best choice in avoiding the strife of probate court. An attorney who could help with simplified probate in Lombard could be an asset for not only estates, but peace of mind, guidance, and protection. Call today and set up a consultation with a dedicated lawyer.

Steps to Take to Simplify a Probate Proceeding Before Passing

While a person is still alive, they could simplify their probate proceeding by using an appropriate estate plan that either bypasses the probate process by using trusts, joint property, or by making an estate plan as clear as possible. Often, there may be complicated wills where there are multiple specific requests and many small transactions to many parties, and that may take time to distribute.

Another step that someone might take is communicating with their executor and having all the information available to that person. They should also keep organized financial records so that when they do pass away, it is easy for an executor to locate and distribute the assets. A common and complicating factor for many estate cases is how many assets there are to distribute.

If someone has dozens of different individual stock holdings, clarity would make it easier on the representative if all assets were gathered into one quick account at a brokerage house.

Importance of Communication

Communication before passing is also critical–family members need to know what they should expect and what is expected of them. While some attorneys believe that beneficiaries should be kept in the dark as long as possible, there are certain disadvantages in doing so when it comes to asset distributions.

Conversely, if everyone knows what to happen, then there is rarely any negativity harbored after the individual passes. Conversations before death could increase the chances that those beneficiaries may respect the deceased’s last wishes. These steps may help prevent the more litigious aspects of probate cases, such as will contests.

Disadvantages to Simplifying Probate Procedures

One difficulty of simplifying a probate procedure comes from some individuals not wanting a simple estate plan. An individual may have a desire to do different things with their property and to whom it may go. For example, if someone were to own a substantial jewelry collection and wants to divide it among beneficiaries, merely telling their executor to sell everything and divide the proceeds may not accomplish the estate holder’s goals. That can be a disadvantage even though it may simplify the actual probate process.

Benefits of Hiring a Probate Attorney when Desiring to Simplify the Probate Process

A person should hire a probate attorney because a legal professional could make the simplified process much more efficient. A lawyer that has dealt with hundreds of these types of cases could be an invaluable asset. They could help set up executors and representatives for success.

If you are thinking about simplifying the probate process, hiring a probate attorney might be a solid choice. Simplified probate in Lombard could make the division of assets much less strenuous for beneficiaries and all parties involved.