When inquiring about the role of an attorney when drafting a will in Lombard, you need to also ask how an attorney could be of help to your interests. This is important because your future is important, and you need to be sure that who you trust to help you also understands that. Aside from that, an attorney could be an invaluable source of experience for future, unseen problems.

How Attorneys Help When Drafting a Will in Lombard

The role of an attorney as it pertains to a drafting of a will is to carry out a potential testator’s goals. It is the job of the attorney to craft the language of the will to make certain that whatever practical effects the testator wants to have carried out, whatever their goals might be with their estate plan, that they are carried out as best as possible.

Responsibilities of Attorneys in These Roles

The responsibility the attorney has in this role is to the testator. Attorneys have to make sure that when they are getting information and asking about the language of the will. With regards to what the basic terms should be, they are getting that from the testator and not from any family members or other third parties who might be involved.

Oftentimes, it is not uncommon for a younger family member to assist an elderly person or a person with some sort of physical handicap with obtaining representation and hooking up the testator with the lawyer. No matter what the circumstances are, it is important that the attorney only take direction from the testator, with respect to the drafting of the will, and not from any family member or person who they might be in contact with.

The attorney also has various responsibilities to make recommendations as to what the testator wants to do and what goals they might have. For example, if a person had four children and they wanted to make sure that their children were treated equally, and if they wanted to appoint all four of their children as co-executors, an attorney would recommend that they not do that. Having four people serve as executor could be extremely problematic. If the testator still wanted that, even after the attorney described the pros and cons to doing such, they would still include that in the will. Not only is it making sure that they have what the testator wants in the will, but it is also providing recommendations based on experiences.

What May Be Asked of an Attorney When Composing a Lombard Will

The main things that might be asked of an attorney while working on a testator’s will, in addition to the basic terms of the will, are who they want to name as executor and how they want their property divided. They would likely review deeds, beneficiary designations, how various accounts are titled, or how real property is titled to make sure that all the recommendations that could be given are given.

An attorney may also be asked to get involved in certain types of family situations. For example, if a will is being changed with respect to children, an attorney may be asked to act as an intermediary between those children.

Have an Attorney Guide a Testator Through the Composition Process of a Will

When planning for your estate’s eventual delegation, you may want to consider the help of an attorney familiar with wills and estate management. The role of an attorney when drafting a Lombard will could include offering their experience to you while you distill to them what you want to happen to your estate. This experience could prove invaluable to the future. Reach out to an attorney today.