When you search for information about power of attorney, you may see lots of ads pledging to help you set up a power of attorney without a lawyer. While that sounds like a promising way to save time and money, it could prove surprisingly costly in the long run.

To understand why, it is necessary to look at the role of a Naperville power of attorney lawyer. Moreover, it is also crucial to understand the abilities and responsibilities attached to a power of attorney.

Powers of Attorney and How It Could Help

A power of attorney gives one person the authority to make decisions for another person. If properly executed, a power of attorney could enable someone to make healthcare decisions or control all the assets of another person. Not realizing this, some people create powers of attorney that give others the ability to do things the grantor never intended. Part of the role of a Naperville power of attorney lawyer is to be certain that the person granting the power understands and fully intends to convey the abilities given in a power of attorney document. That person would be bound by the decisions of anyone operating under that power of attorney whether they agree with the decisions or not.

For instance, an individual might want to authorize a grandson to pay bills from their bank account if they become incapacitated and unable to do so for themselves. Working with a power of attorney lawyer could prevent that problem.

Complying with the Law when Creating a Power of Attorney

While a power of attorney could be extremely useful, it could also be virtually useless if not created and executed properly. If a power of attorney is not established as durable, for instance, it becomes invalid when the creator becomes incapacitated, which is just at the time most people in Naperville expect to need it.

Part of the role of a Naperville power of attorney lawyer is to ensure that documents creating a power of attorney accomplish the stated goals.
For instance, someone might want to create a durable power of attorney granting a daughter the ability to make medical decisions on their behalf in case of an emergency. A power of attorney lawyer could craft a document that grants appropriate power and complies with legal guidelines, so it is enforceable if challenged.

Flexibility when Granting Powers of Attorney

A lawyer who understands powers of attorney could devise a document that grants authority immediately or one that only takes effect when an event occurs in the future. An attorney could craft a document that lasts until death or one that expires after a single transaction. Power of attorney could give someone wide-ranging control over financial or health matters, of the authority to make only one decision.

Working with an experienced legal advisor allows for flexibility and customization to accomplish specific objectives. The role of a Naperville power of attorney lawyer is to create a specialized power just right for the needs at hand.

The Role of a Naperville Power of Attorney Lawyer Could Help

No one wants to imagine themselves in a situation where they need to have someone else making decisions on their behalf. However, it could happen due to health reasons, travel, or other circumstances. Once you have prepared for the future by creating powers of attorney, you can relax knowing that you are ready for emergencies that might arise in the future.

The role of a Naperville power of attorney lawyer is to help people prepare for an unknown future so they can avoid worry and uncertainty for both themselves and their loved ones. To learn more about the options available to meet your needs, call for a consultation with a power of attorney lawyer.